Walk All over Cancer in March

This challenge is I promise I did to myself when I lost my mother.

My mum left us 5 years ago after fighting many years Cancer, since she was around 30.

I am so proud of her for being the greatest mother, wife, and friend. Someone who always put her family and friends first, always, even before than herself and her needs. I really admire her for her strength, Positivism, kindness, attitude in life and the fighter she was despite having Cancer always chasing her

So the idea of one month doing a bit of an effort walking as many steps as possible is nothing compared to,what people going through some kind of Cancer, need to deal with in a daily basis

When I was a child, I don't remember Mum being sick and not having energy because, even knowing now that that was the case, she never complained and she did always try to have a 'normal' life for us.

I have been doing this challenge for 4 years now. This Year I did not created my fundrasing page until now when I have almost finished my challenge because this time my aim was to get as many friends involved in walking during March as possible. Then I will be donating myself 10 euros for each person who accomplished the challenge with me 

Información sobre el proyecto:

La investigación es la mejor vía para abordar el cáncer. Y creemos que cualquier aportación es clave para seguir apoyando una investigación que permita un diagnóstico más precoz, mejore los tratamientos y las vidas de las personas con cáncer.